Premiére date2006
Produced byTemte Productions
AudienceChildren, Families (from 4)
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for children , Performance for the Family, Fairytale
Running period2006  
Duration40 minutter
WebsiteTemte Productions

About Troll

In the theatre production Troll  by Temte Productions two actors jest their way through fairytales and songs illustrated by Theodor Kittelsen, including Smørbukk (a traditional Norwegian fairytale character known from several fairytales, his name literally means the Butter Buck), Huldra (literally: The Hulder) and Kråkevisa (literally: The Crow Song).

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Performance dates

  • 2006 - Opening night
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    More about Troll

    The production Troll by Temte Productions presents a handful of folk fairytales staged in a lively and playful way, inviting to a meeting between the audience, fairytales by Asbjørnsen & Moe, Theodor Kittelsen and the theatre as an expression.

    The traditional fairytales and the illustrations by Th. Kittelsen represent an important part of the Norwegian cultural heritage, which the theatre wishes to bring on.

    Source: Temte Productions,