Anonymousse (2018) is a dance production by Th'Line. The production had its premiere at Rom for dans, Oslo.

Kristina Søetorp Wallace and Ida Wigdel choreographed it.

Th'Line was nominated for Norwegian Critics' Award for Dance 2019/2020 for Anonymousse.

Anonymousse was originally planned for 2018, but was postponed due to a damaged knee.


(Objekt ID 84449)
Object type Production
Premiere February 21, 2020
Produced by The Line
Coproducers Dansens Hus
Expressions Dance, Comedy, Dance theatre
Running period February 21, 2020  
Duration 69 minutes
Website Dansens Hus


Dansens Hus,, 19.03.2018.,

Import from the list of openings 19.03.2018

Norwegian Critics' Association,, 21.09.2020,

Name Role
Kristina Søetorp – Concept/Idea
Ida Wigdel – Concept/Idea
Kristina Søetorp – Choreography
Ida Wigdel – Choreography
Ine Therese Berg – Dramaturge
Mats Eldøen – Dramaturge
Kristine Gjems – Stage design
Kristine Gjems – Costume
Juhani Silvola – Sound design
Evelina Dembacke – Lighting design
Kristina Søetorp – Performer
Ida Wigdel – Performer
Kristine Gjems – Makeup
Tale Hendnes – Photo
Caroline Blomqvist – Producer
Performance dates
February 24, 2020Rom for Dans – Show
February 23, 2020Rom for Dans – Show
February 22, 2020Rom for Dans – Show
February 21, 2020Rom for Dans – Opening night