White (Brain) Wash

Premiére date29 May. 2007
Produced byMusikk i Nordland, Paolo Nani Teater
CoproducersNordland Visual Theatre
AudienceYouth, Adults
ExpressionsMusical theatre, Theatre
Running period29 May. 2007  

About White (Brain) Wash

White (Brain) Wash is a collaboration production by Musikk i Nordland (MiN) and Paolo Nani Teater. In White (Brain) Wash artists from Norway, Denmark and Italy are gathered.

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Press review

"The result is White (Brain) Wash, an excellently fun, visually unique and musically virtuoso performance of a European level. (...) While the two comedians Paolo Nani and Line Svendsen perform practically all of the time behind a transparently light curtain, the orchestra’s nine members sit closer to the audience, placed on each their side of the small stage they practically fill.

Source: IdaLou Larsen, Review titled Vittig hjernevask (literally: Witty brain wash), 02.04.2008, http://idalou.orgdot.no/pub/idalou/2008_4_2_10.38.53.shtml?cat=kritikker

More about White (Brain) Wash

White (Brain) Wash by Paolo Nani Teater and Musikk i Nordland is a tribute to Raymond Scott, who is counted among the pioneers within commercial and experimental music in the 20th century. The production is presented as a journey through the history of commercials.

White (Brain) Wash is supported by The Fund for Performing Artists and is produced by Nordland Visual Theatre and Musikk i Nordland in collaboration with Paolo Nani Teater.

Sources: e-mail from Preben Faye-Schjøll, 22.09.2010

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