The Physicists

Premiére date2 Feb. 2018
Produced bySogn og Fjordane Theatre
Based onThe Physicists by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
Running period2 Feb. 2018  
WebsiteSogn og Fjordane Teater

About The Physicists

The Physicists (2018) is a planned theatre production by Sogn og Fjordane Theatre, based on the play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The production will be performed on tour, after opening in Førde.

Bodil Kvamme directs it.

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    More about The Physicists

    At the webpage of Sogn og Fjordane Theatre the following, among other things, is written about The Physicists:

    "Imagine a contraption that can terminate all life on earth, and then imagine that this contraption falls into the hands of the maddest of them all. Entirely far from contemporary reality this may not be...? 

    The Physicists by Friedrich Dürrenmatt is a dark comedy, written in 1962, during the cold war. Three physicists are in the closed ward of a mental hospital. One thinks he is Einstein, another thinks he is Newton and the third is convinced that King Salomon reveals himself to him and him alone. No, wrong! The madness is camouflage. Genius, yes!

    One of the physicists wants to protect the world against his innovation, and pretends to be deeply disturbed. The other two are spies, on assignment from powerful countries. They also have to pretend to be unstable to get ownership of a contraption that can give endless power, rule over the world. Onstage, there is total chaos. Five actors go in and out of twelve roles. They steal lines from one another, and change costumes in front of everybody. What plays out, is merry madness.

    The audience will be equipped with earphones to wear during the whole performance. This makes the play a different theatre experience. Howling sirens, creaking doors and mentally disturbed babbling - all the sounds crawl through cables and directly into your ear, enclosing you in your own private lunatic asylum."


    Sogn og Fjordane Teater,, 21.12.2017,