The Miserables

Premiére date15 Feb. 2018
Produced byTeater Innlandet, Artilleriet Produksjoner
Based onThe Miserables AKA Les Misérables AKA The Wretched AKA The Miserable Ones AKA The Wretched Poor AKA The Victims AKA The Dispossessed by Victor Hugo
ExpressionsTheatre, Drama
Running period15 Feb. 2018  
Duration1 time og 45 minutter
WebsiteTeater Innlandet

About The Miserables

The Miserables (2018) is a planned theatre production by Artilleriet Produksjoner and Teater Innlandet, based on the novel by Victor Hugo. The production will be performed on tour, after the premiere at Hamar.

Thomas Holtermann Østgaard directs it.

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Scenografi: Quiet ensemble

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    More about The Miserables

    At the website of Teater Innlandet the following, among other things, is written about The Miserables:

    "Victor Hugo's classic about the policeman Javert and the prisoner Jean Valjean illuminated topical issues: Can we defend a person who, in the struggle for a decent life, commits actions punishable by law? Is it always right to demand that a person makes up for it?

    A person flees a brutal life. He lies about his identity to be able to start over somewhere else. After many years in safety, his lie is revealed, and as punishment he becomes an exile. The fall is bottomless. But the judged one isn't the only one who has lost his footing. The one who punished him also stumble. Was this the right thing?"


    Teater Innlandet, 23.11.2017,,