The Father

Premiére date3 May. 2018
Produced byThe Arctic Theatre
Based onThe Father by Florian Zeller
ExpressionsBlack theatre
Running period3 May. 2018  
WebsiteHålogaland Teater

About The Father

The Father (2018) is a planned theatre production by The Arctic Theatre, based on the play by Florian Zeller. The production will be performed in the theatre's venue Scene Øst.

Ketil Høegh directs it.

Kristian Fr. Figenschow Jr. plays the role of the father André.

Trude Øines plays the role of the daughter Anne.

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More about The Father

At the website of The Arctic Theatre the following, among other things, is written about The Father:

"In the play The Father by French Florian Zeller, the story is told in such a way, we see things with the elderly André's confused eyes as he struggles to understand an increasingly incomprehensive world. We also meet his daughter Anne, who must balance her life between her father and the demands of her own life, and her relationship to Pierre.

There are many stories about elderly people who lose their hold of life because of Alzheimer's disease. Hearing the story told from the elderly's own perspective is new. In The Father, expectations are often turned upside-down, creating an almost thriller-like tension. Eventually, neither he nor we can be sure reality is real.

The story of The Father is recognisable and universal. This is the story of love's cruelty and of limits to patience, often challenged when the role of the parent is turned upside-down and creeps up to break us."


The Arctic Theatre,, 14.11.2017,