Forever Young

Premiére date15 Nov. 2017
Produced byDet Vestnorske Teateret
Based onForever Young by Erik Gedeon
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
Running period15 Nov. 2017  
DurationApproximately 2 hours
WebsiteHordaland Teater

About Forever Young

Forever Young (2017) is a musical theatre production by Hordaland Theatre, based on the play by Erik Gedeon. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Logen.

Hilde Sol Erdal directs it.

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    More about Forever Young

    At the webpage of Hordaland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Forever Young:

    "What if we - some time into the future - met rejected, worn-out actors in a closed theatre? What if both they and performing arts had been declared redundant for society outside? What if these once so excellent, vital artists were placed in passivising care, a system not seeing what lived in them, but rather treated them patronising, as if they were unruly children?

    What would happen in such a retirement home? Would Elisabeth Moberg, Claus Sellevoll, Sigurd Sele, Harald Dahlstrøm, Lars Jacobsen and Katrine Dale give into their handlers? Or would they rebel and demand their right to take up space?

    At Logen, the old ones sit properly while the clock on the wall ticks away. A nurse makes sure they are abundantly medicated. But when the authoritarian Sister Oda (Oda Alisøy) doesn't watch, juice and force bubble in the seemingly tired bodies. They remember the time onstage, and the songs that have become part of their shared soundtrack. And here, the audience is given rich opportunities to remember with them. A pearl necklace of familiar rock and pop songs from the past 50 years shines onstage. Titles such as Stayin alive and I will survive will, to most, bring the message of the will to live and the joy at the centre of this production. In the company of this bunch, one will soon begin to doubt if they will let themselves be set aside in a nursing home. They still have much to give.

    Forever Young at Logen is based on a production by Sogn og Fjordane Theatre, produced this spring. When we bring it on and place it in Bergen, it is part of our fruitful collaboration with the theatre in the neighbouring county. Still, we dare promise that nobody will doubt that this party takes place in Hordaland."


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