The History of Bestiality Part Three

Premiére date28 Apr. 2008
Produced byFantastic Four
CoproducersThe National Theatre
Based onThe History of Bestiality by Jens Bjørneboe
LanguageNorwegian and Swedish
ExpressionsTheatre, Tragicomedy/Seriocomedy
Running period28 Apr. 2008  

About The History of Bestiality Part Three

The History of Bestiality Part Three by AKT 5/Fantastic Four was produced in collaboration with The National Theatre. The production was performed in The Torshov Theatre and included actors from The National Theatre, Fantastic Four and AKT 5

The History of Bestiality Part One was performed in Black Box Teater, Part Two in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) and Part Four again in Black Box Teater. In 2009, in connection with the opening of Part Four all the four productions were performed in a row in Black Box Teater.

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Press review

"I honestly have to admit that my expectations in advance were many and high, but to my great joy, they were fulfilled. Akt 5/Fantastic Four takes the theatre experience and the joy of theatre seriously. I feel very much present, and serious thinking is encouraged. There is no room just to lean back here, something is demanded of you. Perhaps naturally, considering Europe is here who is at trial? The company builds the productions on elements by surprise, and the joy of such I do not wish to rob expectant audience members. But I can reveal that I have been washed and branded and that I am now a lucky citizen of the new world union. Those of us who are allowed to join are enthusiastically welcomed by the third world. With this production the fantastic four has demonstrated that they do take us seriously, and we should take them as seriously. I hope the revolution won’t end here."

Pettersen, Anette Therese (29.04.2008). Review titled Revolusjonen er her (literally: Revolution is here). Dagsavisen,, 29.10.2010,

More about The History of Bestiality Part Three

The History of Bestiality Part Three by AKT 5/Fantastic Four: The History of Bestiality Part Three was the third of four productions in the company Fantastic Four’s tetralogy based on Jens Bjørneboe’s trilogy The History of Bestiality; the books Moment of Freedom (1966), Powderhouse (1969) and Silence (1973). In this third part the audience meets the four countries Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. Europe has fallen and the third world is ready to take over. Hence the four countries want to leave Europe to join the new world.