A Night's Lodging AKA The Lower Depths

A Night's Lodging (1903) was a theatre production by Fahlstrøms Theater, based on the play by Maxim Gorky.

Alma Fahlstrøm instructed it.

Johan Fahlstrøm played the role of Luka.

Gorky's play was performed using the Norwegian title Nattasylet. The same play has also been translated into the Norwegian as Nattherberget and as På bunnen (the Russian title is Na dne). In English, the play is also known as The Lower Depths and At the


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Object type Production
Premiere September 17, 1903
Produced by
Based on A Night's Lodging AKA The Lower Depths AKA At the Bottom by Maxim Gorki
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period September 17, 1903  


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Alma Fahlstrøm: To norske skuespilleres liv og de Fahlstrømske teatres historie 1878–1917 (literally: Two Norwegian actors' lives and the history of the Fahlstrøm theatres), 1927

Contributors (20)
Name Role
Maxim Gorki – Playwright
Alma Fahlstrøm – Instruction
Johan Fahlstrøm – Stage design
Dagny Backer – Actor (Anna)
Sofie Bernhoft – Actor (Nastsja)
Arne Christensen – Actor (Krewisab)
Sophus Dahl – Actor (Aleska)
Johan Fahlstrøm – Actor (Luka)
Jens Hetland – Actor (En baron)
Joachim Holst-Jensen – Actor (En tartar)
Eugen Hovind – Actor (Satin)
Oscar Leffmann – Actor (En skuespiller)
Helene Normann – Actor (Wasilisa)
Oscar Sandahl – Actor (Kletsch, låsesmed)
Ragnhild Schanche – Actor (Natascha)
Ingolf Schanche – Actor (Waska Bepel)
Clara Svendsen – Actor (Kwaspja)
Halvor Urdahl – Actor (Mikail Kastilev, vert i nattasylet)
Fredrik Wingar – Actor (Medwjedew)
Jakob von der Lippe – Actor (Bobnow)
Performance dates
September 17, 1903 Eldorado Koncert- og Varietélokale National premiere, Norway