History of Violence

History of Violence (2017) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on the novel by Édouard Louis, in a theatrical adaption by Kjersti Horn. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Scene 2.

Kjersti Horn directed it. She was nominated for The Hedda Award 2018 for her work on the production.

The roles were played by Emil Johnsen and Preben Hodneland.

Kjersti Horn also adapted Édouard Louis' first novel, The End of Eddy. The production of this opened in 2015, with Emil Johnsen in the role of Eddy. You may read more about the production The End of Eddy here.


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Object type Production
Premiere December 13, 2017
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on History of Violence by Édouard Louis
Audience Adults
Audience size 2666
Number of events 23
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Drama, Theatre
Running period December 13, 2017  
Website Det Norske Teatret

At the website of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about History of Violence:

"The main character Édouard is on his way home the night before Christmas.He meets a man.They start talking, and the man comes home with Édouard. In the morning, he discovers that his mobile phone and iPad have disappeared. Édouard confronts his visitor with the theft, he reacts aggressively, and it ends with Édouard becoming a victim of murder attempt and rape.


The production builds on the book History of Violence by the young, French writer Édouard Louis. He made a splash debut a few years ago with the autobiographical book The End of Eddy, about growing up as young and gay in a godforsaken small town in France. Like The End of Eddy this book also has a political message, a story about the class divide. The abuser's background is from an environment not very different from the one Édouard fled. A community characterised by unemployment, intoxication, violence and a daily life of humiliation. Édouard Louis asks if punishment in prison is really what he wants for the abuser. Will prison time for violence become yet another humiliating experience for the abuser? Something that has the rage growing even more? Or will it prevent that others become victims of the same violent criminal?"


The Norwegian Theatre, 02.11.2017, detnorsketeatret.no, https://www.detnorsketeatret.no/framsyningar/valdens-historie/

Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 25.09.2017

The Hedda Award, www.heddaprisen.no, 18.06.2018, https://www.heddaprisen.no/nominerte/2018

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Édouard Louis – Author
Kjersti Horn – Dramatised by
Carl Morten Amundsen – Translation (til nynorsk)
Egil Halmøy – Translation
Kjersti Horn – Direction
Erik Hedin – Music
Arthur Kay Piene – Music
Carl Morten Amundsen – Dramaturge
Sven Haraldsson – Stage design
Sven Haraldsson – Costume design
Erik Hedin – Sound design
Ole Randers – Lighting design
Preben Hodneland – Actor
Emil Johnsen – Actor
Arthur Kay Piene – Musician (Piano i studio)
Simen Scharning – Other (Musikkopptak og mix)
Performance dates
December 13, 2017 19:30 – Scene 2, Det Norske Teatret, The Norwegian Theatre Worldwide premiere