Norma Jeane

Norma Jeane was a dance/performance project by the dancer/choreographers Helle Siljeholm and Sara Christophersen, visual artist Mari Meen Halsøy and sociologist Mari Sømme Hammer.

Norma Jeane is a production of the socio-political cut, in which Meredith and the beautiful dancer Sara reveal some formerly veiled truths about women and the mystery of life.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 10, 2009
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Theatre
Running period March 10, 2009  
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The four artists Helle Siljeholm and Sara Christophersen, Mari Meen Halsøy and Mari Sømme Hammer are all based in Oslo, but Norma Jeane is their first project of collaboration. The project work started the autumn of 2007.

The summer of 2008 the company was invited to reside in Maqamat Theatre dance in the city referred to as the Paris of the Middle East: Beirut. It became a meeting between East and West, old and new, tradition and innovation. In Beirut the company got the opportunity to examine several myths about beautiful, mysterious female creatures.

Aided by observation, memory work and dramatic dance combinations some myths were killed while others were resurrected: The work leading up to Norma Jeane had started. The production work towards the performance continued in November 2008 in the offices of Atelier Nord in Kunstnernes Hus (literally: The House of Artists) in Oslo. Included in the team are dramaturge Sidsel Pape, actor consultant Nancy Mannes, composer Andreas Mjøs and lighting designer Tilo Hahn.

Norma Jeane had its world wide premiere in Avant Garden in 2009.

Norma Jeane was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Norwegian Composers’ Fund, Atelier Nord and IMMA (Beirut)

Source: Spring program 2009, Avant Garden.

Contributors (15)
Name Role
Sara Christophersen – Concept/Idea
Mari Meen Halsøy – Concept/Idea
Mari Sømme Hammer – Concept/Idea
Helle Siljeholm – Concept/Idea
Sara Christophersen – Choreography
Helle Siljeholm – Choreography
Andreas Mjøs – Composition
Sidsel Pape – Dramaturge
Mari Meen Halsøy – Stage design
Tilo Hahn – Lighting design
Sara Christophersen – Performer
Helle Siljeholm – Performer
Mari Meen Halsøy – Photo
Mari Sømme Hammer – Other
Nancy Mannes – Other
Performance dates
March 14, 2009Teaterhuset Avant Garden Show
March 13, 2009Teaterhuset Avant Garden Show
March 11, 2009Teaterhuset Avant Garden Show
March 10, 2009Teaterhuset Avant Garden Worldwide premiere