Premiére date5 Oct. 2017
Produced byThe Touring Theatre of Trøndelag
Based onCrosswise by Olav Duun
LanguageNorwegian dialect
Running period5 Oct. 2017  
WebsiteTurnéteatret i Trøndelag

About Crosswise

Crosswise (2017) was a theatre production by The Touring Theatre of Trøndelag, based on a novel by Olav Dunn, in a theatrical adaption by Otto Homlung. The production had its world premiere in the theatre's building in Verdal, prior to being performed on tour.

Otto Homlung was also credited for "adjustments for the stage". He and the performers Evy Kasseth Røsten and Paul-Ottar Haga did not use the term "direction".

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    Press review

    Amund Grimstad, Aldri gi opp (literally: Never give up), Klassekampen October 7 2017:

    "On a near bare stage, only aided by illustrating music by Asgeir Skrove and discreet lighting design by Simen Høy Aasheim, Otto Homlung gives us carefully adapted storytelling theatre. Only two performers, Paul-Ottar Haga and Evy Kasseth Røsten, and not a single prop. The two of them switch seamlessly between telling and acting, and through the voice of the storyteller they introduce us to different tableaus, carefully adapted."

    More about Crosswise

    At the webpage of The Touring Theatre of Trøndelag the following, among other things, is written about Crosswise:

    "In Crosswise we follow Danel, a young man who stands up against a severe handicap and a judgmental rural society, succeeding in creating his own future. But as a successful, up-and-coming business man, Danel keeps carrying his deep wish to succeed with the difficulties of love.

    Crosswise is about never giving up, about finding one's place and about surviving, in opposition to everything and all.


    The story of Danel is presented by Paul-Ottar Haga and Evy Kasseth Røsten through an expressive and direct form of storytelling, interacting with Asgeir Skrove's music."


    Import from the list of openings 04.09.2017

    The Touring Theatre of Trøndelag,, 04.09.2017,