The Soldier's Tale

The Soldier's Tale (1996) was a musical theatre production by Sogn og Fjordane Theatre, based on a musical composition by Igor Stravinsky and a libretto by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, after a Russian folk tale, collected by Afanasyev.

Wilhelm Sandven directed the production.

Fredrik Rütter choreographed the production. He also interpreted the role of the devil, a role for which he was given Norwegian Critics' Award for dance in 1980, when he danced it at The Norwegian National Opera.


(Objekt ID 74601)
Object type Production
Premiere March 2, 1996
Produced by Teater Vestland
Based on The Soldier's Tale by Igor Stravinskij, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Musical theatre
Running period March 2, 1996  


Sogn og Fjordane Theatre's repertoire archive, donated by Sogn og Fjordane Theatre, 16.06.2017

Contributors (12)
Name Role
Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz – Playwright
Rolf Losnegård – Translation
Wilhelm Sandven – Direction
Fredrik Rütter – Choreography
Igor Stravinskij – Composition
Kjell Seim – Conductor
Sturla Rongstad – Stage design
Magne Olav Brevik – Actor (En gammel veteran)
Stig Henrik Hoff – Actor (En ung soldat)
Fredrik Rütter – Dancer (Djevelen)
Merete Vold – Dancer (En prinsesse)
Torunn Løken – Mask design
Performance dates
March 2, 1996 Opening night