Benoni and Rosa

Premiére date2005
Produced byThe Arctic Theatre
Based onBenoni by Knut Hamsun; Rosa by Knut Hamsun
LanguageNorwegian dialect
ExpressionsDrama, Theatre
Running period2005  
WebsiteHålogaland Teater

About Benoni and Rosa

Benoni and Rosa (2005) was a theatre production by The Arctic Theatre. Benoni and Rosa was based on the novels Benoni and Rosa by Knut Hamsun, in a theatrical adaption by Tyra Tønnessen and Irina Malotjevskaja. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage. It was the first theatre production to be performed in The Arctic Theatre's new venue.

Tyra Tønnessen directed it.

Anders Baasmo Christiansen played the role of Benoni.

Ellen Birgitte Johannessen (later named Ellen Birgitte Winther) played the role of Rosa.

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