Det bor et troill... (There lives a troll...)

Det bor et troill...* (There lives a troll...) (1978) was a theatre production by The Arctic Theatre, based on ideas from the writers Arvid Hanssen and Hans Kristian Eriksen, and music composed by Per Christian Hansen. The production was developed in close contact with audiences. It was performed in different versions with some changes in the cast.

Kjell Kjær directed it.

Det bor et troill... was recorded and broadcast by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK TV. The production was the greatest theatre success for children in The Arctic Theatre's history at the time.

The title was from the song Det bor et troill i Senja (literally: There lives a troll in Senja) by Arvid Hanssen.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 71684)
Object type Production
Premiere 1978
Produced by The Arctic Theatre
Audience Children
Audience size 18000
Number of events 87
Language Norwegian dialect
Keywords Performance for children, Theatre
Running period 1978  
Website Hålogaland Teater


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Contributors (14)
Name Role
Hans Kristian Eriksen – Script
Arvid Hanssen – Script
Kjell Kjær – Direction
Jon Andreassen – Music
Per Christian Hansen – Music
Ragnar Olsen – Music
Truls Kwetzinsky – Stage design
Sigve Bøe – Actor
Eli Doseth – Actor
Helge Jordal – Actor
Sverre Kjelsberg – Actor
Tone Lid Gullvåg – Actor
Jon Andreassen – Musician
Per Christian Hansen – Musician
Performance dates
1978 Opening night