The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (2017) was a musical theatre production by Taran Produksjoner AS, based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, in a theatrical adaption by Arne Lindtner Næss and Wayne McKnight. The production used music by Svein Gundersen. It was performed at Chateau Neuf in Oslo.

Tom Sterri directed it.

Tomas Adrian Glans choreographed it.

Kevin Haugan played the role of Mowgli.


(Objekt ID 70750)
Object type Production
Premiere January 28, 2017
Produced by
Based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Audience Families
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical
Running period January 28, 2017  


Kulturkompasset,, 27.02.2017,

O'Wiidt, Hege. E-mail: 22.02.2017

Taran AS,, 27.02.2017,

Contributors (19)
Name Role
Arne Lindtner Næss – Script
Wayne McKnight – Concept/Idea
Tom Sterri – Direction
Tomas Adrian Glans – Choreography
Øystein Lund Olafsen – Musical direction
Svein Gundersen (musikk) – Composition
Kim Arne Wifladt – Performer
Rein Alexander – Performer
Espen Grjotheim – Performer
Kevin Haugan – Performer (Mowgli)
Mathias Luppichini – Performer (Ulven Langbror / Ape)
Hilde Lyrån – Performer
Hans Marius Hoff Mittet – Performer
Hans Petter Moen – Performer
Victor Sotberg – Performer
Tom Sterri – Performer
Reidun Sæther – Performer
Maren Walther – Performer
Arlene Wilkes – Performer
Performance dates
January 28, 2017Storsalen på Chateau Neuf Opening night