I is another - Rimbaud in Africa

Premiére date26 Jan. 2017
Produced byThe Theatre of Cruelty
Running period26 Jan. 2017  

About I is another

I is another - Rimbaud in Africa (2017) is a theatre production by The Theatre of Cruelty. I is another - Rimbaud in Africa is inspired by the life and work of the poet Arthur Rimbaud (1848-1891), and Lars Øyno has written the text for the performance. The production had its world premiere at The Theatre of Cruelty.

Lars Øyno also directed the production.

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Press review

Lillian Bikset, Kunstnerisk refleksjon om å velge vekk kunsten for utferdstrangen (literally: To dispense with art for the urge to travel), Dagbladet January 31 2017:

"He, or they, it is rather hard to say if there is only one Rimbaud in I is another, finds himself in Africa, in Ethiopia and Somalia. From the start the performers are presented with faces, arms, hands or feet made up in brown. Not in the way of blackface, not with the aim to make the colour of skin comical, the tone is closer to the colour of earth, and the performers make no fuss about it, but it is still far enough from their own hues to think about it, and enough for the next related thought to follow: Couldn't they find actors whose skin are darker by nature?

Then again, I is... isn't meant realistically, wither. As The Theatre of Cruelty's expression demands, it is a symbolically laden, associative and often dwelling enlargement of gestures and movement patterns. The theatre form addresses the instinctive in the spectator, the individual, immediate and not necessarily verbally phrased reaction."

More about I is another

At the webpage of The Theatre of Cruelty the following, among other things, is written about I is another:

"I is another - Rimbaud in Africa, had its world premiere at The Theatre of Cruelty January 26 2017. The production was written and directed by the artistic director of the company, Lars Øyno. 

This is the story of how a grand poet left his artistry to become a merchant in a different continent.

Rimbaud in Africa questions the role art plays in society. What did Rimbaud find in selling coffee and arms, that he couldn't get in poetry? Can a potential response to this mean anything to us, now?"


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