The Love Story of the Century

The Love Story of the Century by Krabatene Teaterkompani is a captivating tango-inspired dance/theatre performance based on the book by Märta Tikkanen. Who is really fleeing; he who drinks or she who stays in a relationship to him?


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Object type Production
Premiere May 1, 2006
Produced by Krabatene Teaterkompani
Based on Århundrets kjærlighetssaga by Märta Tikkanen
Audience Adults
Number of events 3
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Tango
Running period May 1, 2006  

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

The Love Story of the Century is a description in form of poetry of Märta Tikkanen's own marriage, her despair in a drinking husband, love, hate and problems in combining writing and leading a family life. In the precise, direct language of Tikkanen the text is a penetrating artistic description of conflicts in love, life and work, and it conveys and stretches for deep human insight.

The Love Story of the Century describes in detail the effect the husband's alcohol abuse has on the writer, their life together and their children. It is about a woman knowing her worth, who is filled with a spirit to fight to maintain what is best in her – while showing great ability to understand the second party. The text raises an issue which is no less important in our current society. The media image of today reflects a growing number of problems in marriage and life together – some ending tragically – whether due to alcohol, violence or other circumstances.

The Love Story of the Century is an incredibly well-written intense text loaded with strong emotions and indignation.

The book is translated to English, the theatre production by Krabatene not yet is.


Contributors (8)
Name Role
Hege Tvedt – Text
Hege Tvedt – Direction
Hege Tvedt – Choreography
Mathias Monsen – Music (Cello)
Irene Ahnéll – Actor (Hun)
Frantz Josef Sebestyen – Actor (Han)
Harald Midthun – Lighting technician
Ingeborg Synnøve Støen – Other (Akkordeon)
Performance dates
May 1, 2006 Opening night