Growth of the Soil - Revisited

Growth of the Soil - Revisited (2016) was a theatre production by Rogaland Theatre. It was loosely based on the novel by Knut Hamsun, with text by Tatu Hämäläinen and Tora von Platen. The production was performed in Teaterhallen.

Tatu Hämäläinen directed it.

Different actors interpreted the role of Isak in different parts of the performance.


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Object type Production
Premiere September 10, 2016
Produced by Rogaland Theatre
Based on Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period September 10, 2016  —  Navember 12, 2016
Website Rogaland Teater

At the website of Rogaland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about The Growth of the Soil - Revisited:

"After the success performance The Lady from the Sea director Tatu Hämäläinen and his team take on another Norwegian icon: Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun - a bauta stone in Norwegian literature and a story of the human ability to survive, development, progress - and destruction. The book gave Hamsun The Nobel Prize in literature in 1920.

Hamsun stated that he wrote Growth of the Soil for the future, for the generations to come. Issues as how to treat nature, each other and what to strive for in our lives are even more important in our day than in the time of Hamsun.

In Growth of the Soil - Revisited we examine how to use Hamsun's story in present day in our search for the right way to live in a complex world.

It will be a visit back to Growth of the Soil and Hamsun's world, but with a contemporary eye, in which the audience is invited along on a sensuous theatre experience."


Import from the list of openings 03.08.2016

Rogaland Theatre,, 19.08.2016,

Performance dates
September 10, 2016 18:00 – Teaterhallen (Turnhallen), Rogaland Teater, Rogaland Theatre Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Jordens vekster blir til økonomisk vekst blir til litt for viltvoksende kontekst (literally: The growths of the soil turn into economic growth turn into somewhat overgrown contexts), Dagbladet September 14 2016:

"All theatre springing out from text is, at one level or another, textual analysis. This sounds obvious, but it isn't self-evident. There are many degrees along the scale of analysis, from recounting to critical research. Growth of the Soil - Revisited is a theatre production with room for rereading and repeating, plus attempts at analysing the old context while updating and adding new contexts. The stated ambitions go further than the actual attempts. (...) As for the stage design, the whole of the theatre space is clad in light wood, close to the natural, with a pile of finely grounded peat as a central element. This is combined with leaving the theatre machinery open, with a smoke machine and fans in full view, as a contrast between the nature-bound and what is added by humans - the main opposites in Growth of the Soil."