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Frontiers by Sara Gebran (Venezuela/Denmark). Sara Gebran likes to provoke. She likes to test prejudices of her own and of the audience against each other. With the solo performance Frontiers she expresses her political involvement.


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Object type Production
Premiere April 17, 2005
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Performance, Theatre

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Blackout Yes

Frontiers by Sara Gebran is about disturbance and conflicts, about sharing prejudices and creating a room in which differences are respected and experiences shared. In Mikal Bing’s audiovisual stage design and musical collage containing historical and political references she becomes an armed dancer. Using speech, silence, explosive dance and humorous letter games Sara Gebran attempts to disarm her audience, hijack the room and transform it into a place where fear ends and borders are erased.

The prize-awarded dancer and choreographer Sara Gebran examines borders in the production Frontiers. Today individuals as well as countries are divided by borders. The respect for these borders has been inflicted upon us since we were children. Gebran asks why. Who makes us believe we need borders? Who make money from them? And which differences between humans are keeping them up?

The stage design consists of video, weapons and a naked floor. During the performance the floor changes character and the border between stage and seats, dancer and audience moves.

Sara Gebran was born to Lebanese parents in Venezuela. Since 1994 she has lived and worked in Denmark. Her works usually involve different art forms, in particular photography, video, installation, text, voice and live music. She also visited Norway and BIT Teatergarasjen during Oktoberdans 1999 with the productions She Shrieks and Overload lady.

Sources: Bit Teatergarasjen, Meteor 2005. 17.09.2010: www.bit-teatergarasjen.no –arkiv

Performance program.

Contributors (8)
Name Role
Sara Gebran – Concept/Idea
Sara Gebran – Choreography
Martin Vognsen – Composition
Pil Hansen – Dramaturge
Mikal Bing – Video/Film
Martin Vognsen – Musical arrangement
Sara Gebran – Dancer
Sara Gebran – Main producer
Performance dates
October 15, 2005 19:30 – Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
April 17, 2005 20:00 – BIT Teatergarasjen, Norsk Dramatikk National premiere, Norway
Festivals (1)
METEOR October 15, 2005