Waffle Hearts

Premiére date10 Oct. 2014
Produced byThe National Stage, Teater Vestland
Based onWaffle Hearts by Maria Parr
Number of events145
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsPerformance for children , Theatre
Running period10 Oct. 2014  

About Waffle Hearts

Waffle Hearts (2014) was a theatre production by The National Stage and Sogn og Fjordane Theatre (SOFT) in collaboration. The production was based on the book for children by Maria Parr, in an adaption for the theatre by Jesper Halle. The production opened at The National Stage's main stage.

Cecilie Mosli directed it.

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    More about Waffle Hearts

    At the webpage of The National Stage the following, among other things, is written about Waffle Hearts:

    "The book about the friendship between Trille and Lena as in record time gained status as a classic among children in many countries. The two nine-year olds cause a lot of stir and make a lot of waffle batter, and even though they have many madcap ideas, they always land on their feet eventually. Whether they are collecting sheep or try to find a new man for Lena's mother, they meet challenges as they come. But as it storms around them Trille wonders most about one thing: Are he and Lena best friends? He is certain Lena is his best friend. But he is not sure he is her best friend."


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