(Objekt ID 63084)
Object type Production
Premiere May 31, 1990
Produced by The National Stage
In collaboration with Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division
Based on Mugg by Marit Tusvik
Audience Adults
Number of events 72
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre
Running period May 31, 1990  
Duration 120 minutes

Requirements to venue

Blackout No
Name Role
Marit Tusvik – Playwright
Siri Senje – Direction
Åse Hegrenes – Stage design
Gunnveig Danielsen – Costume
Anders Larsen – Light
Inger Marie Andersen – Actor (Maggi)
Grete Nordrå – Actor (Irma)
Gunnveig Danielsen – Mask design
Trude Steen – Props
Trond Lillealtern – Stage manager
Marit Sognnes – Prompter
Christian Brym – Other (Billedregi i Fjernsynet)
Øystein Klakegg – Main producer
Other participants
Performance dates
January 10, 1993NRK TV – TV-broadcast
September 28, 1990Lille Scene, The National Stage – New opening
May 31, 1990Lille Scene, The National Stage , Norwegian Drama Festival – Worldwide premiere
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