But Tomorrow

But Tomorrow (1936) was a theatre production by The National Stage, the world premiere of the play by Nordahl Grieg.

Hans Jacob Nilsen directed it.

The National Theatre also staged But Tomorrow during the same period of time, with its opening two days after The National Stage. You may read more about The National Theatre's production here.


(Objekt ID 63003)
Object type Production
Premiere May 8, 1936
Produced by The National Stage
Based on But Tomorrow by Nordahl Grieg
Audience Adults
Number of events 10
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Drama
Running period May 8, 1936  

Knut Nygaard and Eiliv Eide write the following, among other things, about But Tomorrow in their history book Den Nationale Scene 1931-1976 (literally: The National Stage 1931-1976):

"But Tomorrow picks up where Our Power and Our Glory ended, in the 1930es. It is a drama about the arms industry, following its own rules, stripping even the relatively humane business owner of power. It is also a drama about anxiety for the future."


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Contributors (9)
Name Role
Nordahl Grieg – Playwright
Hans Jacob Nilsen – Direction
Per Schwab – Stage design
Balthazar Bergh – Actor (Genreraldirektøren)
Stein Grieg Halvorsen – Actor (Generaldirektørens sønn)
Børseth Rasmussen – Actor (Ung kommunist)
Esther Sommerschield – Actor (Direktørfruen)
Ingeborg Steffens – Actor (Den blinde datteren)
Hans Stormoen – Actor
Performance dates
May 8, 1936Store Scene, The National Stage – Worldwide premiere