Juleevangeliet* (The Gospel of Christmas) - Miriams beretning* (Miriam's story)

Premiére date27 Nov. 1999
Produced byThe National Stage
Based onJuleevangeliet - Miriams beretning* (The Gospel of Christmas - Miriam's story) by Håvard Rem
Number of events1018
ExpressionsMonologue, Theatre
Running period27 Nov. 1999  

About Juleevangeliet* (The Gospel of Christmas)

Juleevangeliet - Miriams beretning* (The Gospel of Christmas - Miriam's story) (1999) was a monologue theatre production by The National Stage. It was based on a text by Håvard Rem, the first in a trilogy about Jesus, in turn based on The Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Christmas was performed in churches and schools in and near Bergen.

Bentein Baardson directed it.

Rhine Skaanes acted the role of Miriam.

The three productions in the monologue series were Juleevangeliet - Miriams beretning (1999), Maria Magdalena - Jesu virke* Mary Magdalene - The work of Jesus (2001) and Messias III. Jesu mor - Påskeevangeliet* (Messiah III. Mother of Jesus - The Gospel of Easter) (2002).

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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