Michael Laub

Retrospective Video Lecture Remix with Michael Laub is, as the title indicates, a Michael Laub presentation in retrospective.

Michael Laub founded Remote Control Productions in 1981, and is a director and choreographer of international format. His work is shown all over the world, including the Venice Biennial in 1984, Seville Expo 1992 and Festival d'Avignon in 2005. His performances have a rhythmic drive in which text, dance, stage design, video, music and sound are considered effects of equal importance. Laub is central within postdramatic theatre.


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Object type Production
Coproducers BIT Teatergarasjen
Language English
Expressions Multimedia, Conversation(s), Documentary, Lecture
Duration Approximately 80 minutes

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

The event Retrospective Video Lecture Remix with Michael Laub is part of a longer series presenting artists whose contribution and efforts have been determining for BIT Teatergarasjen's artistic platform and orientation.

BIT Teatergarasjen has formerly presented Michael Laub & Remote Control Production in the following productions:

Rewind Song (1989): "... a true theatre happening of a rare kind ... The actors used their bodies with breathtaking control and virtuosity." (Jan Nyberg, BT, 15.09.1989.)

Fast Forward/Bad Air und so... (1991): "(...) is fed by detective series on TV, video aesthetic, pop art. This claustrophobic nightmare like performance circles around the city’s understreams of brutality, sex and estrangement. With its classical rhythm and fragmented presentation it becomes sort of a staged film noir." (Frode Grytten, BT, 15.04.1991.)

Jack's Travelounge/La Prison des Femmes (1992): "Parts of Laub’s strategy is taking the clichés more seriously than they ever intended. Hence he reveals a lot of the beauty as well as the brutality in contemporary life." (Knut Ove Arntzen, UiB, 1992).

Rough (1994): "Laub thinks in the manner of the movies, but he makes theatre. This was theatre balancing on a line between cynicism and tenderness. Perhaps that was why it was so deeply moving." (Jo Bech-Karlsen, BT, 31.01.1994).


BIT Teatergarasjen, autumn program 2010. 06.09.2010: http://www.bit-teatergarasjen.no/article/351

Performance dates
December 1, 2010Logen Bar – Other