(Objekt ID 62102)
Object type Production
Premiere March 15, 1882
Produced by The National Stage
Based on Gringoire by Théodore de Banville
Audience Adults
Number of events 3
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, One-act Play, Comedy
Running period March 15, 1882  
Name Role
Théodore de Banville – Playwright
Jacob Hveding Asmundsen – Actor (Simon Fourniez, kremmer)
Fredrik Garmann – Actor (Olivier le Daim, kongens barber og fortrolige)
Bernt Johannessen – Actor (Ludvig den ellevte, konge av Frankrike)
Lars Michelsen – Actor (Pierre Gringoire)
Inga Olsen – Actor (Nicole Andry, hans søster)
Karen Dorothea Tollefsen – Actor (Louise)
Performance dates