(Objekt ID 61920)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 29, 1882
Produced by The National Stage
Based on Frou-Frou by Henri Meilhac, Ludovic Halévy
Audience Adults
Number of events 9
Language Norwegian
Expressions Comedy, Theatre
Running period Navember 29, 1882  
Name Role
Ludovic Halévy – Playwright
Henri Meilhac – Playwright
Hjalmar Anderson – Actor (Zanetto)
Jacob Hveding Asmundsen (from NIL to 1887) – Actor (Baron de Cambri)
Rosa Asmundsen – Actor (Baronesse de Cambri, hans hustru)
Albert Bøgh – Actor (Henri de Sartorys)
Fredrik Garmann (from NIL to 1887) – Actor (Brigard)
Nicolai Halvorsen – Actor (Paul de Valreas)
Julia Håkansson – Actor (Gilberte, hans datter i 1892)
Adelaide Johannesen – Actor (Gilberte, hans datter)
Mathias Juell – Actor (En tjener)
Oda Nielsen – Actor (Gilberte, hans datter i 1884 og 1887)
Inga Olsen – Actor (Louise, hans datter)
Anna Paulsen – Actor (En gouvernante)
Ingeborg Rasmussen – Actor (Pauline, i tjeneste hos Brigard)
Gustav Thomassen – Actor (Pitou, souffleur)
Performance dates