The Atlantic

The Atlantic (1933) was a theatre production by The National Stage, the world premiere of the play by Nordahl Grieg.

Nordahl Grieg also directed the production.


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Object type Production
Premiere February 15, 1933
Produced by The National Stage
Based on The Atlantic by Nordahl Grieg
Audience Adults
Number of events 9
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Drama
Running period February 15, 1933  

Knut Nygaard and Eiliv Eide write the following, among other things, in their history book Den Nationale Scene 1931-1976 (literally: The National Stage 1931-1976):

"It was likely not quite fortunate that the writer himself staged the play. He didn't have the necessary experience or insight to realise his stage ideas and dramaturgical ideas, mostly found in the movies and in English theatre. But he was grateful for the good advice he got from the experienced Christian Sandal. The Atlantic was meant as an attack on and give a picture of the contemporary day's sensation hunger and search for false ideals, and Nordahl Grieg also wanted to use the techniques of the contemporary day, in particular the revolving stage and the imitative lighting and sound effects."


The National Stage's repertoire database, donated by The National Stage/TheTheatre Archive at the University of Bergen, 24.06.2016

Knut Nygaard and Eiliv Eide, Den Nationale Scene 1931-1976 (literally: The National Stage 1931-1976), Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 1977

Contributors (20)
Name Role
Nordahl Grieg – Playwright
Nordahl Grieg – Direction
Sverre Jordan – Musical Management
Rahe Raheny – Stage design
Lilli Abel – Actor (Nina)
Norma Balean – Actor (Helle)
Balthazar Bergh – Actor (Richard Raven)
Kolbjørn Buøen – Actor (Martinsen)
Rolf Christensen – Actor (Pål Heitman)
Sverre Dahl (skues.) – Actor (Redaksjonssekretæren)
Oscar Egede-Nissen – Actor (Ketil Paus)
Aagot Ekeby – Actor (Fru Raven)
Kirsten Heiberg – Actor (Ketil Paus´ mor)
Victor Ivarson – Actor (Den blonde damen)
Doris Johannessen – Actor (Rakel Bugge)
Sverre Næss – Actor (Redaktøren)
Børseth Rasmussen – Actor (Alek)
Per Schrøder Nielsen – Actor (Berge)
Alf Zetterholm – Actor (Smith-Simonsen)
Øyvind Øyen – Actor (Vakthavende)
Performance dates
February 15, 1933Store Scene, The National Stage – Opening night