The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank (2013) was a theatre production by The National Stage. It was based on the real-life diary by Anne Frank, in a theatrical adaptation by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. The production was performed in the venue called Teaterkjelleren, at The National Stage.

Ola B. Johannessen directed it.

Ine Marie Willmann interpreted the role of Anne Frank.


(Objekt ID 60803)
Object type Production
Premiere September 14, 2013
Produced by The National Stage
Based on The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett; The Diary of Anne Frank AKA The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
Audience Adults, Youth
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period September 14, 2013  
Duration 145 minutes


The National Stage's repertoire database, donated by The National Stage, 24.06.2016

Performance dates
September 14, 2013Småscenen, now Teaterkjelleren, The National Stage Opening night