The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (2008, revived 2012) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, in a theatrical adaption by Alexander Mørk-Eidem. The production was performed at The Norwegian Theatre's main stage. The production was part of The Norwegian Theatre's contribution to The Year of Diversity.

The Jungle Book was directed by Erik Ulfsby, with choreography by Belinda Braza.

In 2008, Adil Khan played the role of Mowgli.

The production was revived in 2012, with some changes in the cast. Kashfa King Gashamura played Mowgli in the revival.

The Jungle Book was given The Hedda Award 2009 in the best production for children and youth category.


(Objekt ID 5769)
Object type Production
Premiere October 9, 2008
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling; The Jungle Book by Alexander Mørk-Eidem
Audience Children, Youth
Audience size 65591
Number of events 134
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Theatre, Performance for children, Performance for youth, Musical theatre
Running period October 9, 2008  
Duration 2 hours including an interval

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason for the award to The Jungle Book:

"The season of 2008/2009 has brought the joy of a number of original productions at a high artistic level, with youth as the most important target group. A positive development, considering that youth is an audience group the theatre has long neglected.

The winner of the year is characterised by phenomenal energy and joy of acting, catchy pop music, dance acts stretching the limits of the physical possibilities, cool dialogues, great fighting scenes, a charismatic lead who seduced the audience, precise and inventive direction and excellent ensemble play. In short; a hit of a performance, additionally as magical a theatre experience for children as for adults. What else could one possibly demand?

The award goes to The Jungle Book at The Norwegian Theatre."

Further, Adil Khan (also known as Adil Thathaal) was nominated for The Hedda Award in the category of best leading actor for the role of Mowgli, and Erik Ulfsby was nominated in the category of best direction.


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The Hedda Award,, 12.06.2012,

Performance dates
October 5, 2012Hovudscenen, The Norwegian Theatre New opening
October 9, 2008Hovudscenen, The Norwegian Theatre Opening night
Press coverage


"If Bagheera, Mowgli, Kaa and the rest of Kipling's characters do not draw a new generation of theatre attenders with this year's production of The Jungle Book, the future of theatre seems dark."


"The target group is the youth for which there is no other theatre, only movies dripping of blood and doomsday war games to metal rhythms"


"This is new theatre, in a new language, a theatre for an age group rarely given such a good offer. This is a brave success from The Norwegian Theatre."