Betrayal (Reconstructed)

Betrayal (Reconstructed) (2016) is a performing arts production by The National Stage in collaboration with Carte Blanche. The production is inspired by the movie Betrayal (UK title) AKA Kamilla (US title) by Vibeke Løkkeberg. It is performed in the venue Teaterkjelleren at The National Stage.

Jon Tombre and Hooman Sharifi collaborate in directing and choreographing it.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 20, 2016
Produced by The National Stage, Carte Blanche
Based on Betrayal AKA Kamilla by Vibeke Løkkeberg, Vibeke Løkkeberg
Audience Adults
Number of events 14
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Dance
Running period October 20, 2016  

At the website of The National Stage the following, among other things, is written about Betrayal (Reconstructed):

"The movie is set in Bergen in 1948, and is about Kamilla, who grows up in a society in a reconstruction phase, in a family dissolving. Now, the dance company Carte Blanche and The National Stage have again initiated an artistic collaboration project, in creating what we may call a gesamtkunstwerk of a performance based on the movie.

Director Jon Tombre, textile artist, sculptor and stage designer Inghild Karlsen and choreographer Hooman Sharifi will, with fourteen dancers and five actors, give the audience an unusual experience, in which the different art forms the involved represent will absolutely be given space.

Head of company, Hooman Sharifi, and head of company, Agnete G. Haaland, do not want to label the project as dance/theatre or anything else. It is simply a unique artistic collaboration project springing out from a movie that really caused a ripple in Bergen. And maybe it will again?

With so many recognised artists involved, we can at least guarantee that this is a project that will cause talk."


The National Stage,, 06.06.2016,

Performance dates
October 20, 2016Småscenen, now Teaterkjelleren, The National Stage Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Oktoberdans October 20, 2016
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Inspirasjonen fra Løkkebergs Løperjenten er løs og åpen (literally: The inspiration from Løkkeberg's Betrayal is loose and open), Dagbladet October 20 2016:

"Naturally, there are connections, meeting points in themes, visual hints and expressed memories of how the movie was experienced. But the stage version has created a room for experience in itself, and it doesn't demand that one brings images nor stories from the movie.(...) Betrayal (Reconstructed) is like a collection of haiku poetry, ripped loose from their seasons, but with the haiku poem's mix of sense impressions and mental flights. The associations seem to be free, but can still, at a closer look, be interpreted either towards themes fromLøkkeberg's movie, or towards the spectator's own memories or opinion of the movie."