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Robin Hood

Rai Rai in the Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood, subtitled Rai Rai in the Sherwood Forest (2017) is a musical theatre production by Trøndelag Theatre, based on a brand new musical by Mads Bones and Olve Løseth. The production is performed at the theatre's main stage.

Mads Bones directs it.

Gunnar Eiriksson plays the role of Robin Hood.

Josefine Frida Pettersen (of the TV series Skam, meaning Shame) makes her theatre debut in the production.


(Objekt ID 55941)
Object type Production
Premiere February 11, 2017
Produced by Trøndelag Theatre
Based on Robin Hood by ; Robin Hood - Rai Rai i Sherwoodskogen by Mads Bones, Olve Løseth
Audience Youth, Children
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical, Theatre
Running period February 11, 2017  

At the website of Trøndelag Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Robin Hood - Rai Rai in the Sherwood Forest:

"Robin Hood - Rai Rai in the Sherwood Forest is a musical comedy based on the legend of Robin Hood and Little John, a star duo of outlaws with a fondness for all that rocks. We are in the Good Old Days, unfortunately not as good any more, as very many people have become very poor. The outlaws of the Sherwood Forest know how to handle it: Under the motto 'Together we weigh several tons' they drum up all their collective cultural capital to offer the charity festival of all times; 'Sherwoodstock'. But unfortunately there are hindrances for parties and festivals in the kingdom: The surly sheriff, with a nose for taxes and fiscal fees, knows how to thwart things. And how can the filthy rich Prince John claim that poor people have gotten used to exclusive habits?"


Trøndelag Theatre, www.trondelag-teater.no, 06.06.2016, http://www.trondelag-teater.no/forestillinger/robin-hood/

Performance dates
February 11, 2017Hovedscenen, Trøndelag Teater, Trøndelag Theatre Worldwide premiere
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