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Poetics (2000) by The Theatre of Cruelty was based on the texts Poetics I and II by Isidore Ducasse (1846-1870).

"Goodness, Thy name is Man. The wisdom of nations rests upon this. There is nothing incomprehensible."- from Poesier I og II av Isidore Ducasse (1846-1870).


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Object type Production
Premiere September 15, 2000
Produced by The Theatre of Cruelty
Based on Poems by Isidore Ducasse
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Physical theatre, Metatheatre
Running period September 15, 2000  
Website Grusomhetens Teater

Our theatre’s objective equals that of psychoanalysis: to let a whole range of suppressed human emotions come to expression. Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty was intended as a means of rediscovering energies within ourselves, endorsing life with a renewed value. Otherwise we might just as well give in, accepting the regrettable verity of Ducasse’s words: ”Man is so great that his greatness is manifest in not accepting the notion that he is miserable”.

Thank you: Fretex Elevator, Harald Kolaas, Lysavdeling Riksteatret & Statens Teaterhøgskole, Åse Strand, Aase Karin Ræstadholm, Fridtjof Jahnsen, Kjartan, Kari Gellein, Tor Eriksen, Knut Erik Tveit, Øystein Øyhus, NSB Eiendom, Godlia Velhus.

Supported by: Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere, Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond, Norsk Skuespillerforbund.


The Theatre of Cruelty, grusomhetensteater.no, 18.08.2010, http://www.grusomhetensteater.no

Performance dates
September 15, 2000Borgen Worldwide premiere