The Orchard Ballads

Premiére date10 Mar. 2011
Produced byIngri Midgard Fiksdal Dans, Ingvild Langgård
CoproducersBIT Teatergarasjen, Black Box Teater
ExpressionsDance, Concert, Contemporary dance, Music
Running period10 Mar. 2011  
Duration60 minutter
WebsiteINGRI FIKSDAL, Black Box Teater

About The Orchard Ballads

The Orchard Ballads (2011) was a consert- and danceproduction by Ingri Midgard Fiksdal and Ingvild Langgård. The Orchid Ballad was world premiered at BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen.  The concertversion was performaed at the festivals Miniøya, Moldejazz and Øyafestivalen.

Choreographer was Ingri Midgard Fiksdal.

Composer was Ingvild Langgård.

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Press review

Myrbråten, Charlotte (2011, 16.03). Review titled Dobbeltsidig (literally: Double Sided). Aftenposten [Oslo]:
"The whole thing is a surprisingly immersing experience with the suggestive music of Langgård. The whole production moves the terms for what dance and theatre actually are. By letting an object change with different characters, the two demonstrate that it is not at all necessary to have a dancer onstage to call something dance."

More about The Orchard Ballads

The transformations and the decay processes in The Orchard Ballads by Ingri Fiksdal are manifested as flowing, physical conditions in a course during which the sensual and rhythmical are emphasised. The expression ranges from the light and trivial to the dark, aggressive and grotesque, and the natural motives represent human features such as ambition, desire and fear.

The music by Ingvild Laggård consists of distinct melodies in a mix of folk, psychedelic music and polyphonic backup singing. The artists describe the music as being inside the woods in a fiord, and it stretches from crystal-clear shimmering moods to dark, dystopian parts.

The Aftenposten critic Charlotte Myrbråten describes the production as follows:

"In Studio Bergen the audience chairs have been placed in a large circle around some kind of cocoon consisting of layers upon layers of large, colourful pieces of cloth hung from the ceiling. Under the big ball lays Fiksdal, and by her side on the floor sits Langgård with a laptop, harp and other instruments. Like this The Orchard Ballads consists of a pulsating concert with fascinating vocals, ambiguous texts and a figurative stage show with few ground rules, inviting different interpretations.

(...) Fiksdal starts on the floor before she after a long time down (...) gets up on her feet, and has a séance in which she shakes her hair hard while the music intensifies. After this the shining cocoon plays the main part. Bit by bit Fiksdal rips it apart, while it is slowly, but certainly, dissolved."

The Orchard Ballads by Ingri Fiksdal og Ingvild Langgård was supported by the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


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