Her shadow is named Susan

ExpressionsDance, Contemporary dance
Duration45 min

About Her shadow is named Susan

Her shadow is named Susan by Therese Markhus. The body shakes as the pulse quickens. She walks slowly straight ahead. After ten steps she bends down; knees and palms touch the ground. She continues onwards on all fours…

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    More about Her shadow is named Susan

    Her Shadow is Named Susan takes the boundary between fantasy and reality as its point of departure. This boundary is presented as a visual image that blends movement, sound, light and scenography that tends towards the surreal. In the performance we encounter a woman and her world. Her apprehension of her own surroundings appears illogical and, in many ways, sinister – but are her perceptions real? All information we learn as humans affects our perception of reality. If this information is not based upon truth, does that mean that you are living in a fantasy world? Or is the pivotal point of truth and reality to be found elsewhere, as when Jean-Paul Sartre said, “emotions are transformations of the world”?
    The Oslo-based choreographer and dancer Therese Markhus has her background in Impure Company. In this performance, she collaborates with composer Per Zanussi and visual artist Ingrid Toogood Hovland.

    Source: BIT Teatergarasjen, Oktoberdans 2010. 06.09.2010: http://www.bit-teatergarasjen.no/article/338