The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap (1995) was a theatre production by Victoria Theatre, represented by Rune Reksten. It was based on the play by Agatha Christie. The production was staged at Edderkoppen Teater.

Svein Sturla Hungnes directed it.


(Objekt ID 52197)
Object type Production
Premiere 1995
Produced by
Based on The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Crime, Theatre
Running period 1995  


Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 19.12.2015.

Contributors (14)
Name Role
Agatha Christie – Playwright
Svein Sturla Hungnes – Translation
Svein Sturla Hungnes – Direction
Anne Karine Skåtun – Stage design
Bjørn O. Lund – Light
Siw Anita Andersen – Actor (Mollie)
Oddvar Hellan – Actor (Kriminalbetjent Trotter)
Knut Husebø – Actor (Major Metcalf)
Roar Kjølv Jenssen – Actor (Tim)
Kristín Kajander – Actor (Frøken Casewell)
Sossen Krohg – Actor (Fru Boyle)
Hallvard Lydvo – Actor (Paravicini)
Robert Skjærstad – Actor (Christopher Wren)
Greta Bremseth – Mask design
Performance dates
1995Victoria Teater / Scene West Victoria Opening night