Benoni and Rosa

Benoni and Rosa (1998) was a musical theatre production by Nordland Theatre. Benoni and Rosa was based on the novels Benoni and Rosa by Knut Hamsun, in a theatrical adaption by Kjell Kristensen. The music was composed by Bodvar Moe. The production was the theatre's greatest effort in 1998.

Frode Rasmussen and Morten Thomte directed it.

Reidar Sørensen played the role of Benoni.

Elisabeth Lindland played the role of Rosa.


(Objekt ID 51732)
Object type Production
Premiere 1998
Produced by Nordland Theatre
Based on Benoni by Knut Hamsun; Rosa by Knut Hamsun
Audience Adults
Audience size 8827
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical, Theatre
Running period 1998  


Nordland Theatre's annual report 1998, donated by Nordland Theatre, 10.11.2015

Performance dates
1998 Opening night