The Full Monty

The Full Monty (2015) was a musical theatre production by The Arctic Theatre, based on the musical by David Yazbek (music and lyrics) and Terrence McNally (book). The production was performed in the theatre's venue Scene Vest and on tour.

Ivar Tindberg directed it.

Finn Arve Sørbøe acted in the role of Jerry.

Jardar Johansen acted in the role of Dave.


(Objekt ID 50451)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 4, 2015
Produced by The Arctic Theatre
Based on The Full Monty by Terrence McNally, David Yazbek, David Yazbek
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian dialect
Expressions Musical, Theatre
Running period Navember 4, 2015  
Duration Approximately 2 hours, 45 minutes
Website Hålogaland Teater


The Arctic Theatre,, 16.09.2016, /, 23.08.2017.,

Import from the list of openings 11.09.2015

Performance dates
January 20, 2016 – Tour Premiere
Navember 4, 2015 18.00 – Scene Vest, Hålogaland Teater – Opening night
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Upolert messing (literally: Unpolished brass), Dagbladet November 7 2015:

"The vulnerability Jerry (Finn Arve Sørbøe), Dave (Jardar Johansen), Harold (Svein Harry Schöttker Hauge), Malcolm (Lars Henrik Aarnes), Horse (Marvin Amoroso) and Ethan (Espen Mauno) carry with them, is far from exclusively connected to body pressure and body images. It is also about mourning one's unemployment, economic worries, and the feeling of not being able to use oneself as one wants and thus not be the man one wants to be. When this vulnerability is underplayed, the humour is also weakened. It doesn't become as liberating, but rather cheap. In The Arctic Theatre's interpretation this vulnerability is underplayed."