Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve. A Divine Comedy (2015) is an opera production by Cecilie Ore and Bibbi Moslet in collaboration with Bergen International Festival. The production had its world premiere at Logen Theatre in Bergen.

Susanne Øglænd directed it.


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Object type Production
In collaboration with Bergen International Festival

At the webpage of Bergen International Festival the following, among other things, is written about Adam & Eve:

"In the performance, excerpts from The Bible, The Quran and texts of Judaism are juxtaposed with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Dante's The Divine Comedy and stories from everyday life. Burlesque humour, self-depreciation and surrealism also find their place in the serious. What characterises our cultural understanding? Where is the threshold of pain between entertainment and seriousness?"


Bergen International Festival,,

Name Role
Bibbi Moslet – Libretto
Cecilie Ore – Libretto
Susanne Øglænd – Direction
Cecilie Ore – Composition
Carle Lange – Stage design
Signe Becker – Costume design
Mats Claesson – Sound
Cato Langnes – Sound
Sverre Randin – Light
Bibbi Moslet – Dramaturgic assistant