A Palestinian Journey

A Palestinian Journey (2008) produced by Noor Productions was made after several longer journeys in the Middle East. The artists met more than 40 people, some of whom they let the audience get to know. A Palestinian Journey also is inspired by books they have read, songs they have heard, by the novels by Elias Kouhry and the poems of the Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish.


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Object type Production
Original title In Norwegian: En palestinsk reise
Premiere October 22, 2008
Produced by Noor Productions
Coproducers Trøndelag Theatre, The Arctic Theatre
Based on A Palestinian Journey by Tale Næss
Audience Youth, Adults (from 15)
Language Norwegian
Expressions Musical theatre
Running period October 22, 2008  
Website NOOR produksjoner

When the state of Israel was established in 1948, 700 000 Palestinians were driven away to become refugees. The production A Palestinian Journey is a tribute to all the homeless. To all who are longing home and the homes they long for. A Palestinian Journey is also a production about us.

Noor Productions offers the stories of Anne from Fossen, Jovan from Belgrade and Buzhan from Tønsberg. The stories move from fairytales to confessions, from disclosures to outbursts, from testimonies to confrontations. Together audience and artists travel to Jerusalem, to Kurdistan, to Serbia and back home to Norway. This way the company aims to present historical events, mild songs, meals, ballads and wedding music in what the creators hope is an inspiring, thought-provoking production celebrating life.

A Palestinian Journey by Noor Productions was supported by the municipality of Trondheim, The Audio Visual Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists, the Freedom of Expression Foundation Fritt Ord, Arts Council Norway, the county of Sør-Trøndelag, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the theatre friend association Teatrets Venner and Trøndelag Teatertekniske Fagforening (the union of technical theatre staff in Trøndelag).


Trøndelag Theatre, trondelag-teater.no, 12.12.2010, http://www.trondelag-teater.no/forestillinger/2008/enpalestinskreise/

Name Role
Tale Næss – Playwright
Maryon Eilertsen – Direction
Jovan Pavlovic – Music
Nora Evensen – Dramaturge
Hatem el Imam – Stage design
Thomas Aune Brosveet – Sound design
Tommy Geving – Lighting design
Kine Bendixen – Actor
Trond Peter Stamsø Munch – Actor
Idd Aziz – Performer
Buzhan Baban – Performer
Thomas Aune Brosveet – Performer
Ingrid Aune Brosveet – Performer
Anne Fossen – Performer
Jovan Pavlovic – Performer
Line Åmli – Stage manager
Ingrid Aune Brosveet – Assistant Stage Designer
Performance dates
October 22, 2008Studioscenen – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Gjennom filter(literally: Through a filter), 23.10.2008, Dagbladet [Oslo] Dagbladet Tekstarkiv:
"The title of the production refers to the Norwegian journey to Palestine (to understand) as to the Palestinians’ own journeys (the flights). (...) Every time the story is intensified, the perspective is broken. Rarely to make room for more Palestinian destinies. Often to add «Norwegian» information making what we have already heard easier to identify with."