Class Enemy

Class Enemy (1983) was a theatre production by The National Theatre, the Norwegian premiere of the play by Nigel Williams. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Prøvesalen (now named Malersalen).

Edvard Hambro directed it.


(Objekt ID 43486)
Object type Production
Premiere January 11, 1983
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on Class Enemy by Nigel Williams
Audience Youth, Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Drama, Theatre
Running period January 11, 1983  


Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 21.10.2014

The National Theatre,, 08.03.19,

Contributors (20)
Name Role
Nigel Williams – Playwright
R. J. Christophersen – Translation
Edvard Hambro – Translation
Edvard Hambro – Direction
Truls Kwetzinsky – Stage design
Truls Kwetzinsky – Costume design
Per Johnsbråten – Light
Øyvin Berven – Actor (Racks (Rakes))
Gerhard Bjelland – Actor (Master)
Anders Hatlo – Actor (Sweetheart (Sowerthwaite))
Lasse Lindtner – Actor (Iron (Herron))
Kai Remlov – Actor (Snatch (Cameron))
Even Stormoen – Actor (Nipper (Napier))
Hans Ola Sørlie – Actor (Sky-light (Skellet))
Wolfgang Wedde – Stage combat instructor
Per Karlsen – Mask design
Trine Sverdrup – Props
Jan Johansen – Stage manager
Jan Oug – Stage Manager
Maija Autere Ritter – Prompter
Performance dates
January 11, 1983Malersalen – National premiere, Norway