Antigone (1980) was a theatre production by The National Theatre, based on the tragedy by Sophocles. The production was the second to be performed at Amfiscenen, The National Theatre, after the reconstruction ande expansion of the venue.

Stein Winge directed it.

Anne Marie Ottersen interpreted the title role.

Joachim Calmeyer played the role of Creon.


(Objekt ID 43329)
Object type Production
Premiere September 11, 1980
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on Antigone by Sofokles
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Tragedy, Theatre
Running period September 11, 1980  

Requirements to venue

Blackout No


Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 24.10.2014

Other participants
Performance dates
September 11, 1980Amfiscenen – Opening night
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