50/50 by Mette Ingvartsen (Denmark). Mette Ingvartsen’s solo performance 50/50 is a tremendous dance performance emphasising the physical. In 50/50, Ingvartsen displays extreme and spectacular movements based on the codes of such genres as rock music, opera and circus. The result is a 25 minute long performance accompanied by Leoncavallo, Cornelius and Deep Purple among others. This is physical rather than psychological expression.


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Object type Production
Premiere 2004
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period 2004  

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Blackout No

50/50 emphasises extreme and spectacular expressions as a physical practice rather than through psychological motivations. Movements deriving from clearly coded situations, like a rock concert, an opera or a circus number are processed until the performance obtains a certain kind of deformed expressivity. It looks like affects rather than emotions, except no one knows what affects look like. Premiered in Mousonturm (Frankfurt), 2004.

Source: BIT Teatergarasjen, Oktoberdans 2006. 12.09.2010: http://www.bit-teatergarasjen.no/article/64

In spite of manifestos belonging to the past - here comes another one:


Yes to redefining virtuosity.

Yes to conceptualizing experience, affects, sensation.

Yes to materiality/body practice.

Yes to investment of performer and spectator.

Yes to expression.

Yes to excess.

Yes to "invention" (however impossible).

Yes to un-naming, decoding and recoding expression.

Yes to non-recognition, non-resemblance.

Yes to non-sense/illogic.

Yes to organizing principles rather than fixed logic systems.

Yes to moving the "clear concept" behind the actual performance of.

Yes to methodology and procedures.

Yes to animation.

Yes to style as a result of procedure and specificity of a proposal.

Yes to complexity.

- Mette Ingvartsen 2004

Contributors (4)
Name Role
Mette Ingvartsen – Choreography
Peter Lenaerts – Sound design
Mette Ingvartsen – Dancer
Mette Ingvartsen – Main producer
Performance dates
October 20, 2006 18:00 – Scene USF, USF Verftet Show
2004 Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Oktoberdans October 20, 2006