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In Absentia

In Absentia (2014) is a production by the Italian company Orthographe, Ane Lan and Silvia Costa in collaboration.

Silvia Costa is known from Societas Raffaello Sanzio's production Hey Girl, whereas Ane Lan is the male artist Eivind Reierstad's female alter ego.


(Objekt ID 42987)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 15, 2014
Produced by Ane Lan
Coproducers BIT Teatergarasjen,
Audience Adults
Keywords Theatre, Performance, Ambient theatre
Running period Navember 14, 2014  
Website BIT Teatergarasjen

At the website of BIT Teatergarasjen the following is written about In Absentia:

"In Absentia recreates the theatre venue as a place for spiritual contemplation, a sphere of symbolic emptiness. In the fifth century the Christian church introduced live tableaus into the sacred rituals, later described as mystery plays. They were meant to represent the experience of the soul during the initiation, man's or woman's mental development towards the stage in which he or she were capable of finding a crack in the physical world's veil and to gaze into the world beyond.

Through such processes, for instance the initiation ritual of the Rosicrucianists, one may be enabled to discover one's true self and achieve spiritual awakening. The dramatisation of the search for enlightenment, the awakening of the spiritual, inner self, can be dated back to Ancient Egypt, with its Osiris mysteries, or even earlier, to the Indus culture and the gigantic epic Mahabharata, supposedly told by the God Ganesh to an Indian sage as much as 3000 years prior to our calendar.

As a reaction to industrialisation and modernity, a number of versions over the mystery plays were made, creating a spiritualistic movement towards the end of the 19th century. Rudolf Steiner, the father of anthroposophy, made his version of a mystery drama (1910-1913) towards the end of his life, as an artistic presentation of his ideas."

Supported by: Arts Council Norway and The Fund for Performing Artists.


BIT Teatergarasjen, bit-teatergarasjen.no, 26.09.2014,  http://bit-teatergarasjen.no/sesongprogram/ane-lan-no-it-in-absentia/

Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 26.09.2014

Contributors (11)
Name Role
Ane Lan – Text (Musikktekst)
Silvia Costa – Concept/Idea
Ane Lan – Concept/Idea
Ane Lan – Music
Lorenzo Tomio – Music
Paolo Maria Baldini – Lighting design
Silvia Costa – Other (Medvirkende)
Beata Kretovicova Iden – Other (Medvirkende)
Ane Lan – Other (Medvirkende)
Rikke Lundgreen – Other (Medvirkende)
Alessandro Panzavolta – Other (Medvirkende)
Performance dates
Navember 16, 2014 19:00 – Studio USF, USF Verftet Show
Navember 15, 2014 19.00 – Studio USF, USF Verftet National premiere, Norway