Days Beneath

Premiére date15 Nov. 2014
Produced byTrøndelag Theatre
Based onDays Beneath by Arne Lygre
Running period15 Nov. 2014  
Duration1 hour, 15 minutes, no interval
WebsiteTrøndelag Teater

About Days Beneath

Days Beneath (2014) was a theatre production by Trøndelag Theatre, based on a play by Arne Lygre. It was performed in the theatre's venue Studioscenen.

Ole Johan Skjelbred directs it.

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More about Days Beneath

At the webpage of Trøndelag Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Days Beneath:

"There are several examples of Norwegian writers who are better known internationally than at home; Arne Lygre is absolutely among these. His plays have been translated into a number of languages, and are regularly staged in central European venues. He has also written novels and short stories, and won The Brage Award for his short story collection In time in 2004. A Danish production of Days Beneath was nominated for the Reumert award (the Danish Hedda Award) in 2009.

'An empty room. A kind of basement.'

The opening line of Days Beneath sets the stage. The room's, or rather, the house's owner brings drug addicts there, and keeps them captured. This is how they will be saved. But unexpected practical and emotional relationships between the persons arise. Relationships that must be broken. When the owner one day misses his target and brings a young boy who is not a drug addict, and who in addition is reported missing, things are put in motion.

In his drama Arne Lygre often mixes the real and the virtual, and through subtle transformations the spectator is left doubting what really happens. He works intensely on his language when he writes, nothing is random. He experiments with his narrator's perspectives and in particular he is involved with the relationship between what people say, what they think and their emotions. So that dialogue and meta-lines arise on different levels. This adds a particular musicality and playfulness to his work, a playfulness that may make the nightmare even more disturbing."


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