Natürtro/sonata da Camera

Natürtro / Sonata de camera (2006) by Carte Blanche, choreography by Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and Ingun Bjørnsgaard. Natürtro and sonata da camera earned high approval from audience and press alike after its premiere at the Bergen Festival 2006. The skilled dancers capture the audience’s attention by presenting experimental combinations of movement and sound and impressive sections of athletic body control.


BIT Teatergarasjen, autoumn programme 2006. 12.09.2010:


(Objekt ID 4135)
Object type Production
Premiere May 25, 2006
Produced by Carte Blanche
Audience Adults
Number of events 14
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period May 25, 2006  

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes
Contributors (20)
Name Role
Ingun Bjørnsgaard – Choreography (Sonata de camera)
Eva-Cecilie Richardsen – Choreography (Natürtro)
Domenico Scarlatti – Music (Sonata de camera)
Per Henrik Svalastog – Music (Sonata de camera)
Thomas Björk – Stage design (Sonata de camera)
Eva-Cecilie Richardsen – Stage design (Natürtro)
Indrani Balgobin – Costume design (Natürtro)
Thomas Björk – Costume design (Sonata de camera)
Justin Bennett – Sound design (Natürtro)
Torkel Skjærven – Lighting design (Natürtro / Sonata de camera)
Kristian Alm – Dancer (i Sonata de camera)
Camilla Spidsøe Cohen – Dancer (i Natürtro)
Yaniv Cohen – Dancer (i Sonata de camera)
Pia Elton Hammer – Dancer (i Natürtro)
Hege Holte Østbye – Dancer (i Natürtro)
Máté Mészáros – Dancer (i Sonata de camera / i Natürtro)
Guro Nagelhus Schia – Dancer (i Sonata de camera / i Natürtro)
Guro Rimeslåtten – Dancer (i Sonata de camera)
Shlomi Ruimi – Dancer (i Sonata de camera)
Vebjørn Sundby – Dancer (i Natürtro)
Performance dates
September 8, 2006BIT Teatergarasjen New opening
May 25, 2006BIT Teatergarasjen Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)