Dear Liar

Dear Liar was a theatre production by The National Theatre, produced in 1981, and based on the play by Jerome Kilty.

Kilty's text is a comedy of letters, building on the correspondence between the playwright George Bernard Shaw and the actress Mrs. Patrick Campbell (often referred to as Mrs. Pat).

Gerda Ring directed it.

The production doubled as celebration of then aged 82 year old Lillebil Ibsen's 70th anniversary as an actress. She and Per Aabel had performed the piece for the first time in 1961, in a production at The National Theatre for which they shared Norwegian Critics' Award 1961.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 31, 1981
Produced by The National Theatre
In collaboration with The National Stage
Based on Kjære Løgnhals by Jerome Kilty
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Comedy
Running period October 31, 1981  


The National Theatre on Dear Liar,

Store Norske Leksikon on Per Aabel,

Contributors (18)
Name Role
Jerome Kilty – Playwright
Axel Kielland – Translation
Gerda Ring – Direction
Gunnar Alme – Stage design
Holger Blom – Costume design
Asbjørn Myhrvold – Light
Torleif Parsli – Light
Lillebil Ibsen – Actor (Mrs. Patrick Campbell)
Per Aabel – Actor (George Bernard Shaw)
Per Hansen – Mask design
Per Karlsen – Mask design
Simon Simonsen – Props
Jan Johansen – Stage manager
Ole Langerud – Stage manager
Morten Andersen – Stage Manager
Knut Olav Evensen – Stage Manager
Ellen Foyn Bruun – Prompter
Tania Kjeldset – Prompter
Performance dates
June 11, 1982Store Scene, The National Stage visiting performance
October 31, 1981Amfiscenen, Nationaltheatret, The National Theatre New opening