Elements of Time

Elements of Time (2007) was a dance production by Carte Blanche, choreographed by Ina Christel Johannessen.

As in the award-winning success production of 2004, I lie, I speak, Ina Christel Johannessen cooperated with the stage and costume designer Kathrine Tolo in Elements of Time. Together they developed a basic idea where the audience meet an apparently well-organised surface, but where a lot is hidden in drawers and closets...


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Object type Production
Original title Elements of Time
Premiere March 1, 2007
Produced by Carte Blanche
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period March 1, 2007  

Elements of Time by Carte Blanche/Ina Christel Johannessen revolves around the visible and the invisible; how we try to structure our reality through maps and systems, and yet life itself surfaces in cracks and spaces in-between.

In Elements of Time a door into a hidden room is opened. The audience and the dancers are invited to rediscover elements of a time having been hidden, now being let back into time. Incidents surface, incidents not finding their places in the past, incidents arriving the history too late, after all time had been passed out.

Sources: BIT Teatergarasjen, spring 2007. 09.09.2010: www.bit-teatergarasjen.no  and Carte Blanche 2007. 09.09.2010: www.carteblanche.no

Contributors (19)
Name Role
Ina Christel Johannessen – Choreography
Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk – Dramaturge
Kathrine Tolo – Stage design
Kathrine Tolo – Costume design
Morten Cranner – Sound design
Kyrre Heldal Karlsen – Lighting design
Camilla Spidsøe Cohen – Dancer
Yaniv Cohen – Dancer
Pia Elton Hammer – Dancer
Hege Holte Østbye – Dancer
Edhem Jesenkovic – Dancer
Máté Mészáros – Dancer
Guro Nagelhus Schia – Dancer
Daniel Proietto – Dancer
Shlomi Ruimi – Dancer
Therese Skauge – Dancer
Henriette Slorer – Dancer
Vebjørn Sundby – Dancer
Morten Cranner – Musician
Performance dates
March 21, 2007BIT Teatergarasjen New opening
March 15, 2007Scene Øst, Hålogaland Teater, The Arctic Theatre visiting performance
March 7, 2007Studioscenen, Trøndelag Teater, Trøndelag Theatre visiting performance
March 1, 2007Store Sal, Bærum Kulturhus Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

"Historical leaps by dancers who don't know in from out. A delight for the eye, doing good for the memory"

Inger-Margrethe Lunde, Aftenposten

"And we should listen and watch, for this is dance art of high quality – something the dancers, too, should be praised for. The ensemble is pretty even, and impresses both come to dance and acting. They pull us into their sphere and you can follow the characters into their world or give in to dreaming of your own memories – the production works at both levels."

Elisabeth Leinslie, Dagsavisen