A Minor Place

Original titleWork title Glid (literally: Slide)
Premiére date8 Nov. 2007
Produced byLyster/Richardsen
ExpressionsDance, Contemporary dance, Music
Running period8 Nov. 2007  

About A Minor Place

In A Minor Place by Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and Janne-Camilla Lyster, the choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen discussed the relation between inner and outer rooms, between private zones and the outer, physical and social room. The production directed attention towards the seemingly meaningless; the overlooked and unseen.

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Press review

"Somebody has gotten props to improvise with: An at least two meter high lifeguard chair or a pair of snowshoes. These also contribute to the simple and beautiful stage image which is dominated by a see-through curtain from floor to ceiling. (…) The strong emotions are presented in short episodes which can give moments of powerful expressive force. Between these episodes the dancers move relaxed over the stage, often with the glance directed slightly challenging towards the audience. There is a contrast between the strong introvert feelings of the episodes and the distanced frontality of the interludes."

Sannæss, Thor (09.11.2007). Review titled Frustrert mellom følelse og formidling (literally: Frustrated between emotion and communication). 24.11.2010, http://www2.scenekunst.no/artikkel_4104.nml

More about A Minor Place

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen has throughout more than 10 years as a choreographer developed a particular style, and in 2010 she was considered one of Norway’s leading choreographers. Most will know her as the core of Kreutzerkompani which she established in 2000 with video artist HC Gilje. In addition she has excelled with works for Carte Blanche for The Bergen International Festival in 2003 as well as 2006. With A minor place Eva-Cecilie Richardsen marked the end of Kreutzerkompani and the establishing of a new constellation with the dancer Janne-Camilla Lyster.

Richardsen has in many of her works emphasised the relationship between thought and action, language and movement. She is interested in how social and verbal discipline affects thinking, behaving and acting. Lyster is a dancer and writer and has published the poetry collections Øyeblikksarkiv (literally: Archive of Moments) and Oker (literally: Ochre) at the publishing house Tiden Norsk Forlag. The shared attitude to a substantial language makes the foundation for works in which Lyster/Richardsen discuss different kinds of and aspects of making something into a language.

Room has also been a recurring subject for the productions of Richardsen.

Source: BIT Teatergarasjen, performance program A Minor Place. 08.09.2010: http://www.bit-teatergarasjen.no/