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A Collection of Short Stories

A Collection of Short Stories (2014) is a dance production by Carte Blanche. The choreographer is Ina Christel Johannessen.

The production marks Carte Blanche's 25th anniversary.


(Objekt ID 39040)
Object type Production
Premiere May 24, 2014
Produced by Carte Blanche
Coproducers Bergen International Festival
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period May 24, 2014  

In Carte Blanche's season program the following, among other things, is written about A Collection of Short Stories:

"Short stories - someone's demons, others' love, grief or drama - A Colletion of Short Stories is a philosophy of life.

In her fourteenth commission for Carte Blanche, choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen gives the audience an opportunity to get close up to the dancers. They tell different stories in the same way as in a collection of short stories or like a series of images. The dancers perform in a set designed as a long narrow street, with the audience sitting on single rows of benches along both sides. From this perspective, the audience is invited to share the dancers' stories and to invent their own plots for stories the dancers act out in front of them."


Carte Blanche's season program via issuu.com, 02.09.2014, http://issuu.com/knowit123/docs/cb_sesongprogram_2014-15_webversjon_b7caff2e5eb4a2

Dansens Hus, dansenshus.com, 12.008.2014,  http://www.dansenshus.com/forestillinger/a-collection-of-short-stories/

Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 12.08.2014

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Ina Christel Johannessen – Choreography
Kathrine Tolo – Costume design
Chrisander Brun – Lighting design
Timothy Bartlett – Dancer
Sara Enrich Bertran – Dancer
Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann – Dancer
Caroline Eckly – Dancer
Christopher Flinder Pedersen (to June 3, 2014) – Dancer
Christine Kjellberg – Dancer
Jack Lorentzen (from October 9, 2014) – Dancer
Hugo Marmelada – Dancer
Ole Martin Meland – Dancer
Guro Rimeslåtten – Dancer
Mathias Stoltenberg – Dancer
Núria Navarra Vilasaló – Dancer
Thor Brødreskift – Photo
Performance dates
October 16, 2014 15:00 – Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
October 16, 2014 18.00 – Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Show
May 24, 2014 18:00 – Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Worldwide premiere
Festivals (2)
Oktoberdans October 16, 2014
Bergen International Festival May 24, 2014